Glamouria: Fashion.Beauty.Life By Hayat Ammouri

About Us

Glamouria: Fashion.Beauty.Life 

Quality content that’s entertaining and empowering. 

Glamouria is an exclusive online Magazine, offering fashion, beauty, and career advice to the modern woman, bringing her the latest trends live from the hottest runways around the world. 

Through Glamouria, you are directly connected to the best international specialists in the fashion and beauty industry offering you exclusive tips and advice. 

Our Reader shares our passion for fashion, love and life. She is a strong and smart woman who wants to have it all. She loves fashion, follows her heart, and wants to be inspired and empowered. She’s a woman with strong values who cares about her surroundings. She doesn’t mind if she can also manage to change the world, in a positive way of course. 

We aim for Glamouria to be your open & trusted platform where you could feel free to discuss hot topics. At Glamouria, we invite you to Live Your Life Fully. 

The magazine is linked to Glamouria TV (launching soon), taking you behind the scenes of the fashion industry. The videos document high profile fashion shows, encounters with designers, major celebrity hairstylists and make up artists, enabling to bring the fantasy of the fashion world into the every day lives of the audience. Glamouria has also established a presence on different social media channels, such as twitter, instagram, Facebook, tiktok and snapchat (OMGlamouria)

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