Glamouria - Monica Bellucci, A Woman Like no Other Women By Hayat Ammouri

Monica Bellucci, A Woman Like no Other Women
January 18, 2015
Monica Bellucci

Of course, I meet a lot of celebrities, but interviewing Monica Bellucci in Milan was sure not my regular day at work! I wanted to see if she was really pretty in person.. Is she nice? How does she talk? Here she is at the Dolce & Gabbaha Headquarters, surrounded with roses, her favourite flowers. She’s not pretty, she’s Beauty! So gorgeous, and very down to earth…. How dare she say that she’s like the rest of us?

Who is Monica Bellucci?
I am a woman like every other woman. I have my own insecurities, I have my own battles, in public and in private,  as a mom, at work, with my every day’s life.  Exactly like every other woman.

When did you realize you’re perceived as a Beauty symbol?
I was a very shy child, so being cute helped me raise my self esteem. But then life teaches you that being cute helps you for 5 minutes. It only provokes  curiosity, but ater that if there is nothing, it lasts 5 seconds. Beauty is who you are, your soul. Physical beauty by itself is not interesting. How many times do you meet pretty women that have nothing special? You ignore them.

Monica Bellucci for D&G

Do you feel the pressure to always look perfect?

No one is perfect here. I am far from being perfect. Perfect does not exist. I have curves.. I am not perfect. I am a woman, like every other woman. People see you in photoshoots, on magazines’ covers, at a movie.  Our image becomes a dream that not necessarily reflect reality. But then when they see you in person, it’s not the same.

How do you maintain your beauty?
I always have mascara and lipstick in my bag so when I want to get ready really quick, I rely on this to give me some light. I hydrate my body, drink a lot of water! Then I am Italian. I love food, I enjoy eating. I love Pasta. But I am Mediterranean, if I eat a lot of pasta or a lot of bread, it’s not so good for me . When I have to diet, I eat fish, fruits, vegetables and meat. But I like to live, and I love my wine…

What is femininity to you?
Being feminine is how you walk, it’s in your DNA. But I know women who are not very feminie but still are amazing. I find women beautiful in their differences. It’s a way of being.

You’re the face for Dolce & Gabbana, what kind of relationship do you have with Stefano and Domenico?
With Dolce & Gabbana it’s a friendship that goes back for years. It’s nice that this friendship creates moments of creativity, and we will always have the will to work together. It consolidates our relationship.

What is your favourite flower?
I love roses. The rose symbolizes women. Roses are my favourite flowers.  

What’s your favourite lipstick?
I love red, but if I have smokey eyes, I choose a natural colour.

How is your relationship with makeup?
I am a woman, I like to wear makeup. I like to like myself. I respect my body and my face. I would wear make up even if I were not an actress.

Are you more a mom, an actress, or a model?
Being a good mom is the most important thing to me. Even if you have an amazing career, if your relationship with your children is not good, you won’t be happy . I know a lot of women like that. There is no career that could make up for your relationship with your children. I had my children a little late so I am a bit lucky.

What beauty secret did you pass to your daughter?
To have a passion in life.

What do you think about teenagers nowadays?
It’s hard to find yourself when you’re young. Everything seems better than what we have. We don’t have our own idendity. We have to be in peace with ourselves. It’s very hard for one to accept himself as he is. Finding yourself takes your whole life. With time, you will!

Monica Bellucci with Stefano Gabbana & Domenico Dolce

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