Glamouria - When We Met Model Emina Cunmulaj! By Hayat Ammouri

When We Met Model Emina Cunmulaj!
November 29, 2007

I met her backstage in Baby Phat, and then again in Diane Von Furstenberg. She’s full of life, a loud laugh, and still very modest!

Emina: Hi my name is Emina, and I am Albanian American.

Hayat Ammouri: You have an Arabic name..

Emina: I am Muslim…

Hayat Ammouri: How does it feel being backstage, does it stress you?

Emina:It depends, at times, if it’s a complicated make up, yes.. and if we show up late of course it’s stressful. But the show today is very easy. The make up is very easy.

Hayat Ammouri: How do you take care of yourself when you are doing the shows?

Emina: I don’t really do much. I try to relax if there is time. I sleep as much as I can. I put a lot of cream on my face and conditioner on hair so it doesn’t get frizzy and dry, or your skin does not gets too dry.

Hayat Ammouri: Do you have any favourite products?

Emina: For cream I use Embryolisse. It’s a French product, I buy it in Paris. For my hair, I usually use Pantene which is not expensive at all, and it gives me healthy hair.


Hayat Ammouri: Where do you live?

Emina: I live here in New York. 

Hayat Ammouri: What is your favorite city?
Emina: It’s New York City. I like everything about it. I like the vibe, life in the fast lane, always in New York. It’s not at all an American place. You can find all the cultures of the world. As I said I am Albanian. That’s the coolest part. You have everything. Every restaurant in the world. Every kind of food. Shopping is great.
Hayat Ammouri: Where do you like to shop?
Emina: You see, I am not going to tell you, because then everyone will go there! I will just say that there are amazing vintage clothes in the East Village where I live.

Hayat Ammouri: What do you like to do in Paris?
Emina: Usually I am there for work so I don’t have much time. But there I stay in the hotel Westminster in Place Vendome. So around there you could walk anywhere, you have the opera, the Louvres, Place Concorde.

Hayat Ammouri: Do you like the opera?
Emina: Yes. I usually go there if it’s a nice day. I sit on the stairs, and read a book.
And you have all the nice French restaurants.

Hayat Ammouri: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Emina: Usually, besides sleeping? That’s my favorite thing to do! I like to hang out with my friends, even if it’s just to grab a coffee. I don’t really like to watch movies. If my friends want to go to the movies, I say no, I would rather just sit home and watch it.

Hayat Ammouri: Do you have any plans for the future?

Emina: No. I just want to enjoy life as it is, from day to day.

Hayat Ammouri: Any advice for women in the Arab world?

Emina: Give your women more freedom please!

Hayat Ammouri: Didn’t you have problems with your parents being a Muslim and wanting to be a model?

Emina: I did at the beginning, yes. But when they saw the positive sides of my job, then they were fine with it.
Check out her video…

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