Glamouria - 12 Swimsuit Trends To Try This Summer By Hayat Ammouri

12 Swimsuit Trends To Try This Summer
May 02, 2018
Swimsuit Trends SS18

Looking for a new swimsuit? Here is what’s trending before you go shopping (although I sincerely think you should always buy what you like and feel comfortable in)….

  1. Ruffles: Not only to be seen on the runway but on the beach too… They are playful and fun and add a feminine touch to your beach babe look. Choose them wisely. 
  2. Polka Dots: In pastels, red and white, black and white or any combination you like. Polka dots are classical and elegant.
  3. Stripes: Stripes are also in this summer, colorful or classic black and white.
  4. Florals: We see them every summer, and this year it’s not different. My favorite florals are from Zimmermann.
  5. Over The Shoulder: Swimsuit that you can mistaken for tops or even wear them as tops. You will find a lot of off the shoulder details.
  6. Smocked Bikini Tops: Not sure how flattering they are but willing to try.
  7. High Waisted Bottoms: They are very comfortable, and are best if you have a long torso. I personally like them because they hide the tummy. 
  8. Metallic Swimsuit: Choose it when you want attention and pair them with more basic accessories. You will be shining under the sun for sure.
  9. Corset Details: Whether it’s a 2 piece or a 1 piece bathing suit, look for flattering corset details.
  10. Deep Plunge: The one piece swimsuit is back, and it’s sexy! Try a deep plunge but be careful if you have a full figure on top.
  11. Belted One Piece: Accentuate your waist with a belted one piece next time you spend your day at the pool.
  12. Lingerie Look: Sheer and lace, but stay away from looking vulgar.

Tip: You don’t have to match your bathing suits, try to mix florals, stripes and polka dots!

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