Glamouria - 6 Easy Steps for Successful Shopping: Advice from Hal Rubenstein By Hayat Ammouri

6 Easy Steps for Successful Shopping: Advice from Hal Rubenstein
January 07, 2015
Hal Rubenstein @HSN

Sitting front row at Michael Kors is Fashion Editor/ Designer Hal Rubenstein. Minutes before the show, we had a very quick and interesting chat about women and style. Here is what you need to know before you go shopping. Take these  6 easy steps for a successful experience!

1. Instead of looking at what you don’t have and all the negative details in you, which women tend to do all the time, why don’t you find 3 things you love about yourself and focus on them. Dress them.  

2. When you go shopping, don’t go with your friends, don’t go with your husband or mother or daughter. Go by yourself and try things you normally wouldn’t try.

3. Find a sales person who you trust. Find a store that has your sensibility. Let them help you. A store that has an edit is a great place to shop in, go in there and try everything on.

4. Give yourself time to shop. American women shop way too quickly. 

5. Stop looking at trends and look for what looks good on you. If you look good in red, wear red all the times. 

6. Understand construction: Don’t ever rule something out, but look at what’s flattering on you. If you like pleats for example, there are so many ways to wear them no matter what’s your body shape; If you have wide hips, get a skirt that start 3 inches below the waist.

Every woman’s Must Have Items: A dramatic coat, sexy shoes that you could walk in, and a pair of earrings that light up your face. 
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