Glamouria - Why Sets Are Trending By Hayat Ammouri

Why Sets Are Trending
July 03, 2024
Sunnei SS2024

Sets Are A Must Have This Summer

If you’re leaving for the summer, sets should be your main focus. They are easy to pack, easy to wear and save you a lot of time each morning. Sets are also playful as you can mix and match the tops with denim or casual pants, and the bottoms with simple t-shirts, giving you more options for more occasions. Also, sets are practical and easy to style for any time of the day. Just play with your accessories and shoes. You can choose from shorts to long skirts, almost panties and crop tops.

For daytime, an easy option is simple cuts or sets with shorts.

Prints (and colours) are always fun: florals, polka dots, animal prints or checkered patterns.

Try a bohemian style as seen on Roberto Cavalli’s runway. Choose a top with fringe and wide sleeves with wide-leg trousers.

Lace sets are also very practical as they elevate your daytime looks and are perfect for nighttime. 

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