Glamouria - Diane Von Furstenberg on Love, Life and Fashion By Hayat Ammouri

Diane Von Furstenberg on Love, Life and Fashion
July 22, 2014
The woman who dances on the runway. The woman who inspires me the most! 

Hayat Ammouri with Diane Von Furstenberg

My interview with her is long.. a whole experience. Not the first one, but the best one! ohhh… and the dinner was great! Full interview coming soon on Glamouria, but for now, enjoy some advice.

Life. .. I keep my life like I love life, and that is what gets me up in the morning. Peace, colours, happiness and joie de vivre. Every woman can create an oasis for herself. 

You have the power to transmit your passion. How?
It’s called Love.

What are the key pieces for every woman to have?
A wrap dress always, but also tunics.  I create my design, and people decide what they want to wear. 

What do you think about Middle Eastern Women?
I love Middle Eastern women because they are real women. 

How do you keep powerful and still very feminine?
All women are powerful, but sometimes they are afraid to show it.

Any advice for a career woman?
Believe in what you do. 

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