Glamouria - Diesel’s Andreas Melbostad: It’s All About Femininity By Hayat Ammouri

Diesel’s Andreas Melbostad: It’s All About Femininity
July 16, 2017

More than 3 years after joining Diesel Black Gold, Designer Andreas Melbostad talks about the new Spring Summer 2017 collection presented in Milan during Milan Fashion Week.

We noticed a slight change in this collection?

Denim is always the focus of Diesel Black Gold, but we want to expand. This collection is all about femininity. We started looking at images of David Hamilton, and some feminine references. We ended up mixing elements and hardware details, keeping it soft, light and delicate, which is  reflected in the fabrics we used. We’re still playing with DBG vocabulary.

Was there any specific girl in mind?

I love when we put the show together, the music, hair & make up… I was thinking about the ultimate girl, it would have to be Bjork in the nineties: feminine, playful, independent and strong.

Is there any age restriction on wearing the collection?

No, it’s a question of attitude more than age. In the show we style the collection in a young way, but there are lots of pieces that you can mix. It all depends on how you mix them. This collection is for a woman with a young frame of mind.

How do you feel after more than 3  years with Diesel Black Gold?

3 years, right! That’s an interesting question. What’s interesting for me is to have a very strong sense of the brand, and feeling the freedom to play with it. Still going with denim, military and leather, but it’s not necessarily what you expect from DBG. I feel we can play more.

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