Glamouria - It's Party Time. Make An Entrance! By Hayat Ammouri

It's Party Time. Make An Entrance!
June 09, 2022
Dolce & Gabbana- SS2022

It’s Time to party, Day and Night! 

Shopping for special events, parties, and wedding guest dresses is not always easy. You’re excited and want to look your best but don’t know what to wear. The first thing to do is check the dress code on your invite, and plan to dress accordingly. If this is an important occasion or a wedding and you have a role in it, you have to start planning months in advance, as most stores have to make special orders and you want to ensure you have your dress on time. It’s better to make an appointment well in advance. Also, know that many stores carry a lot more choices online (sometimes the best ones), so we always advise you to take a look online before you hit your favorite stores.

What are you going to wear? Here are 4 ideas to inspire you: 

1. Bold Colors: Go bold with colors. Choose colorful sequins or a simple silk dress in an unexpected color. The shoes and bags don’t always have to match. You could play with contrasting colors, or the same color in a different shade, or the same exact shade (or nude) for an elongating effect.

2. Sequins and Metallics: Metallic gowns are still here, only more shiny and with more details added to them. 

3. Cut-Outs dresses: They look elegant when they are simple and cut in the right places. Make sure the dress is appropriate for the occasion.

4. Feathers: An entire look with feathers or only as little details, feathers add a touch of glam to the most basic dresses. Make sure it looks elegant and classy.

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