Glamouria - Entrepreneur & Billionaire Lynn Tilton: Greatness Always Takes Great Courage! By Hayat Ammouri

Entrepreneur & Billionaire Lynn Tilton: Greatness Always Takes Great Courage!
February 24, 2015
“Girls Be Nice To Girls”– Lynn Tilton

“I speak the truth. And that means that sometimes people don’t want to hear exactly where they stand. … The truth is cold and hard, but it’s the first point on the path to hope and salvation.” Lynn Tilton

Over the years, I was lucky to meet a lot of inspiring people during Fashion Week. As I was doing one of my make up interviews backstage, here she is, standing next to me, Mrs. Lynn Titlon, complementing me on my Butterfly Necklace, but I didn’t have a clue who she was, except that she’s the owner of Stila Cosmetics. Wait, that’s not it! After I googled her, I discovered that Mrs. Titlton is considered today one of the few self made female billionaires in the world, owning companies that generate more than $8 billion a year in revenues. You want more impressive numbers? She owned more than 240 companies over the past 14 years, generating more than 100 billion dollars in revenues, and saving  more than 700,000 jobs. As Barbara Walters puts it, she’s a combination of Warren Buffett and Lady Gaga. Her mission is saving companies, because by saving a job you save a family!

#HayatSays: Don’t judge a woman by her wardrobe, or her short skirts!

Mrs. Tilton was also a single mom who struggled, who lived her life in fear, fear of not being able to put food on the table for her daughter or to keep her job! And now she gives back to the world. When asked what advice she would give a young person who wanted to be a billionaire, Tilton said, “Don’t do what you do for the money. Whatever path you choose, do it because it makes your heart beat fast. Because success comes from following your passion.” 

From aerospace to automative to beauty, she knows it all! Her mission? Create jobs in America, and giving everyone the dignity of work. So of course, always impressed by smart women who make their dreams come true, I asked her for advice, and this is the valuable ideas she shared with me.

What’s your strength?
Cutting edge innovation. You have to teach people how to bring creative marketing to create success. You have to enjoy being a visionary to dream the future.

How were you able to succeed?
It takes passion, vision and courage! You have to persevere when things get difficult.

What advice do you give to women who want to be entrepreneurs?
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Surround yourself with people you could trust on your journey.
  • Be kind!

But back to that butterfly necklace, I learnt later that the butterfly has always been her notecard. She has always thought of butterflies as she was touching the world: “Because coming from a very strong spiritual background, I was taught to touch the world lightly, but be remembered for the beauty of my flight. “

A word from me to Mrs. Tilton, I am too a single mother, and you inspire me! I also know that my young daughters will be inspired too… Thank you!
Butterfly Poem by Lynn Tilton

To learn more about Lynn’s succes and her advice to women, please click here and watch this interview with her 

For more on Mrs. Tilton, watch her speech at the WWD Beauty Summit 
One more video, I promise! Lynn Tilton, CEO and Legend of Aviation
What Do You Think?
What Do You Think?
  • Mona Chalhoub said:
    Friday March 06, 2015 at 12:00 AM

    Great article.

  • Anonymous said:
    Friday March 06, 2015 at 12:00 AM

    Loved the style of writing. Impressive personality Lynn. Loved the article

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