Glamouria - Fendi Mania: F Is For Fendi By Hayat Ammouri

Fendi Mania: F Is For Fendi
November 05, 2018
Fendi Mania Collection


noun- An extreme enthusiasm or desire; an obsession for FENDI

My friend and I have been obsessed with the Fendi original logo for years! We were living in Rome, home of Fendi, and it was the era of the Baguette. Then a few years ago, I remember I got some super high heel killer shoes with the Fendi logo on my birthday; shoes I have walked and danced in all around the world!!! But for a while, you could not see any new designs with the old logo, quite the opposite, as they even redesigned a more modern one.  Then not long ago, Fendi came out with the logo tights and boots, and shortly after, J.Lo was photographed with a Fendi logo top, Hailey Baldwin with Fendi logo swimwear and just now, Fendi launched a complete Fendi Mania collection across the globe, for those like us obsessed with the brand.

Fendi Mania is a contemporary street style collection focusing on millennials with all images shot with an iphone! The collection is a mix of new items with vintage collection pieces and genderless  accessories, and we're quite sure it will sell out quickly!

Note to Fendi: Please keep the original logo coming!

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