Glamouria - Gilles Mendel: “Being Feminine is Strength” By Hayat Ammouri

Gilles Mendel: “Being Feminine is Strength”
May 24, 2016
J Mendel SS16
J Mendel SS16

During Fashion Week, we’re always looking forward to the J.Mendel show, not only to see the collection, but also to meet with French designer Gilles Mendel, who carries the legacy & heritage of the House of Mendel, that was first established in St. Petersburg in 1870.

Your woman in your own words:

The J.Mendel Woman is a confident woman, she is feminine and socially involved. She really likes and appreciates craftsmanship and unique pieces that she can find in our collections. Our atelier is the address of a certain kind of women, and that’s my woman.

You dress women of any age…

Yes. Our woman is feminine; she shows skin, but not overly, not in your face; usually it’s the back… So women of any age could wear them.

In your collection this season:

In this collection, I focused on the construction of the dresses : There is a “tension” in being very precise but also very feminine. Any woman can wear it. They are protected but feel unprotected.

What are some mistakes that you see women making?

I don’t like to talk about mistakes. Generally, you have to be true to yourself and to your esthetics. Don’t try too hard to follow the trends of the moment. Don’t try to be so trendy, but be true to yourself. My clothes are not trendy. they are beautiful. Be true to your esthetic.. Sometimes, beauty is not always celebrated.

Your dresses are very feminine. How do you combine femininity with power?

I think they work perfectly together. Being feminine doesn’t mean being weak. Being feminine in fact is strength. It’s how you project yourself.

Advice for career woman:

Be experimental, jump into the the world of mystery and be playful.

J Mendel SS16
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JMendel 20
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J Mendel SS16
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J Mendel SS16
J Mendel SS16
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Gilles Mendel/ NYFW SS16
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