Glamouria - With Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse, Arizona! By Hayat Ammouri

With Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse, Arizona!
August 07, 2014
Arizona Muse, A Modern Beauty

Hayat Ammouri with Arizona Muse
I remember meeting her in a hotel room in New York and thinking my God, she’s so sweet and very naturally beautiful. I always noticed her haircut on the runway (I even cut my hair short like her, a year after she said I should try it)…
She’s a very positive person, young but mature. A single mom raising her son Nikko in London. When we talk, she shocks me saying that she has no self esteem! How? It’s sad for someone as sweet and pretty and successful not to be self confident. How is it even possible?
Here we talk about fashion, beauty, friends, being a single mom and sharp knives!
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Morning Routine: I like my skin to feel clean when I wake up.  I use a gentle exfoliating cleanser, followed by a cleansing milk. I feel it’s more moisturizing. If I use only the exfoliating cream my skin gets dry. Then I use a toner, I love toners; then a moisturizer. I choose a light moisturizer in the summer, and a heavier one in the winter.
Make Up: I don’t wear make up every day, but as I grow older, I like make up more.
Shows I have the most fun at: when I know the designer and  
when I feel there is a collaboration. I love Burberry and Tom Ford.

Estée Lauder: Timeless beauty. 

Why do you think they picked you?
I don’t know! But I am so glad they did.
My inspiration: My mom, and Women around me, and now actresses. I am more and more interested in acting.
Is acting something that you might pursue?
Hopefully, I love it. I am taking acting classes and it’s so much fun.
Lessons I learnt from my mom: To always be kind, and to be true to yourself, and find your own inner truth. 

Modern Muse- Arizona
Who am I? I have not answered this question yet, but I am constantly searching and trying to understand it. When I am at peace with myself and who I am, then it becomes much easier to live my life. I can relax more.
My son: I am trying to teach him to keep an eye on everyone around him, to look after people around him, and to take care of his friends, and to share! I am trying to teach him the idea of community, that we need people, we need our friends.
My philosophy in life: Not to think too much of myself. I don’t think too good of myself, and I am always putting myself down. I don’t think I am good enough. I tend to put myself down. I am trying to build my own self confidence.
Advice for a good self esteem: I feel confident when I don’t focus on myself. Do they love me? What did I do wrong, etc.. When I think about these things, I get very unconfident, and I miss what’s going on.
I feel more confident when I am looking after others, and when I ask them questions: Are you comfortable, can I get you something…”, when I take care of someone else, then I am Ok.
It’s just a little trick to listen to what people around you are saying or needing. 
My diet: Not all the time, not every day!
I don’t eat the same things every day. Occasionally I take juices, like today, which feels so good. I just started it recently, and I really like it.
I had a juice from Organic Avenue today.
Event Ready:  It depends on the event. I went for a fitting at 7 in the morning today with my mom. I tried 15 dresses, chose 2 outfits, and we chose jewelry. I brought 2 choices just in case. Then of course I will do hair and make- up, but it’s nice to do it with friends.
Perfume: It’s something new in my beauty repertoire. I started using make up very recently, and perfume is very recent. I love Modern Muse of course: the wood and how it feels deep and powerful, but also has a floral note of femininity. They mixed everything perfectly.
Femininity: I find masculine feminine concept very interesting.
My Wardrobe: Sometimes it’s jeans every day, and sometimes I like to wear dresses and high heels and go out for girly lunches. It really depends. 
Favourite brands: I love Tom Ford, his clothes are amazing. I also love Saint Laurent. I love Valentino, I love how they play with bows and lace; it’s very feminine and also cool. I also love their bags, very downtown-ish. 
My Bag: My last purchase was a Valentino black studded bag. Sometimes we get some from designers, and I love it when it happens.
Models’ Fashion: Models always like black, it’s so flattering on everyone. It’s chic and it will always be.
Heels or Flats: These shoes are from Bottega Veneta. I love high heels. I used to hate high heels, because I hated being tall, but for modeling I am average. If I go out now, I always wear high heels.


Arizona Muse

Best beauty product: Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder. I use it every day, but I also mix it with my make up.

I put it every night before I go to bed, but in the day, if I am wearing make -up, I mix it with my foundation. And it goes on much better. 
Eyeliner or Lips? Smudgy eyeliner and mascara.

Long hair or short hair: I have had short hair since my son was born. I really love it. It’s so easy. You put it up, down… And it makes your hair so healthy. 
I have had long hair my whole life, so it was a little liberating in the beginning. I think it really suits me. Now I am thinking to grow it back, we will see…
The first expensive thing I bought: Kitchen knives, a good set of kitchen knives. Cooking with sharp knives is so different! I love cooking! 
So it’s dangerous to go to your house! The girl from Arizona with the sharp knives
Cooking: I like to cook all kind of things. I love to cook with spices, like Indian food.
Who do you like to cook for?
I like to cook for friends. I like to cook together with them, and I don’t mind if my kitchen gets dirty. 
My Free time: I prefer to be with friends. I love to be surrounded by people. Also having a son and being a single mother, it’s always great to have people around us. It’s good to have friends around and do things together.

Arizona Muse at the Modern Muse
Launch Party
Lessons from my son: Patience, and how to set an example. I see a lot of things of me in him. He is just starting school, and he is very shy, and I was too. So I try to teach him how amazing it is to play with friends. And that we have to share with them.
Favourite city: London. It’s so beautiful, the architecture, and how green it is.
Shopping: Best city to shop is London too. Although I should shop here in New York, it’s less expensive, but I never have the time.
Beauty tips: Mix advanced night repair with foundation.
Social media?I have instagram and I really love it. I have to use it more often, but I forget.
Secret talent: Noooooo. I wish I had one! 
Things I don’t like:  I like to change that I am so shy, that I have low self esteem; I can fake it, but I have no self esteem.


3 things I like about myself:
I generally get a feedback that I am kind and nice, I like that.
I like that I always want to grow and change and better myself.
I like that I have child and I love being a mother.
Advice for young girls and women: Never assume that you know too much. You can always learn more. In life I like myself better when I think of myself as a student. That I am always learning, that I am seeking advice from someone else, and taking someone else’s opinion. It’s very important to have an input, and not to blind yourself with the idea of you know it all.
My Support System: My friends; they helped me through a lot. Surrounding myself with friends and people who care about me and whom I deeply care about, helps me stay positive. It’s good for my son and I… 
Model Arizona Muse with Estée Lauder’s Family
Arizona Muse with Joan Smalls, Costance Jablonski and Liu Wen
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