Glamouria - Interior Designer Nadine Beydoun: “You Have To Know What You Want”… By Hayat Ammouri

Interior Designer Nadine Beydoun: “You Have To Know What You Want”…
June 06, 2012
Lebanese Interiror designer Nadine Beydoun… if I were to describe her in one word, I would definitely say “Fierce”!…. It might be her eyes, but also her personality…  Her beauty and elegance are striking, and the first thing I noticed about her is the colour combination she uses in her wardrobe.
Glamouria meets Nadine, who transfuses her sense of style into homes, hotels, doctor’s offices, or even fashion boutiques.
What’s your background?
Design and craft has always been my hobby. And home decoration a passion I nurtured with books, magazines, furniture re-arrangements, and everything related to it.  I started my studies in Interior Design in BUC now known as LAU, in Beirut, Lebanon. However the war drove me out of the country, and I traveled to the United States, where I finished my Interior Design degree in Mount Vernon College, now affiliated with Georges Washington in Washington, DC. 

How is your personality present in your work?
I do not believe that the personality of the Interior Designer should be present in his work. The result of the projects should reflect the personalities of the owners, not the designer. 
However, my work as an Interior Designer does leave its mark in my projects.  The re-planning of the space and its full usage is my passion. It is reflected in the clean lines, the simplicity of the ideas, and then later on in the  perfection of the execution. 
How would you define your style?
My style would be best defined as elegant, meticulous, stylish and homogeneous, in either the classic or the modern contemporary style. The cluttering of ideas and objects would not be present in my work. Each item, accessory, furniture, decoration has a purpose in itself. Hence, the whole space blends into a uniform design both in colors and textures.
What is the most memorable project you worked on and why?
All of my projects hold a special memory. However, a mini mansion I worked on, would be the most memorable. We were assigned the whole mansion, the architecture in addition to the interior. After sitting with my clients, and understanding their requirements, I started working on the planning. Although I am not an Architect/Structural Engineer, I drew the plans that would best suit my clients, building the mansion around the interior idea that I wanted.  It was a challenge, and the result was highly successful. And the most memorable comment from my architectural team was; ” This is the first time we build a  structure from the inside first, moving later on to the outside, to the exterior planning, to the site plan, to the elevations. A most rewarding experience…”
You’re also a very fashionable lady; how does fashion and interior design merge together?
Thank you. In either the Fashion or the Interior business, the most important asset you should have is Taste. And that is not something you learn in schools. It can expand during your experiences and exposures, but it is definitely something you are either born with or without. It is not acquired.  Hence art and design are within you, should you be selecting materials, furniture and colors or clothing and personal items… They are merged into one. 

What’s in style now in interior design?
There is always new styles in Interior Design. The history of design is wide, starting with the Classical, then the Modern, the Minimalistic, the Zen, the Country up to the Contemporary and several others. But neither of the styles ever fade. They are always present and constantly improved. 
However, the Contemporary now holds the most interest. The merging of the modern with the classic/antique furniture, has found a wide appeal with various age groups. From the younger couples up to the more advanced, older ones. The Contemporary design offers a very comfortable space accentuated with valuable and imposing few selected furniture. Rendering the space richer both in design and in value.
What are the first steps to take when we’re planning on decorating our home?
The most important thing and first step to take when you plan to decorate either your home, office or any space you have, is to know what you want. To know what are your requirements and your needs. When you do, you can then proceed to implement them. And if you do not have the ability to visualize your space in 3D, or to be able to predict the outcome of your changes, it is for sure necessary to refer to a professional who would be able to translate them into drawings . That is the most important role of the Interior Designer, in giving life to your needs through concepts and ideas, while respecting the technical’s and channeling your personality through his/her work. 

How do you recommend we choose our designer?
Let’s say that choosing your Designer is like choosing your doctor. And I’m not joking. It is very important that you be comfortable with your designer and that you trust his/her input. Decorating your space needs a lot of give and take, a lot of selections,.. Hence you would be spending a good amount of time with your Designer. It should be a rewarding experience, a fun project with colors, textures, materials and eventually a beautiful and great new space. 
What tips could you give us to make some easy renovations if we don’t want to go through the whole process?
If you do not want to go through the whole process of renovating your space, but feel you would like a change, here are a few tips. First, you could try re-arranging the disposition of the furniture. If the space doesn’t allow it, you could try changing the color scheme. Change your curtains, your upholstery, try new textures, new motifs, new colors. If that also is not within your possibilities, add new accessories; cushions, vases, a new rug, a wall you could cover in wallpaper or cladding.. A touch of something new always adds a refreshing change.
What’s your favourite piece of furniture?
Hmm.. I love all furniture. Each has a purpose. But my favorite would be the living room couch. It should be the most comfortable piece in the house. It is where one spends most of his/her time. An esthetic couch, both soft and beautiful, to relax and to enjoy the rest after a long day.
Should any room in our home be more important that the others?
Each person would evaluate the importance of each room according to their needs. Some would put all their energies in making the kitchen the cozier space, while others would make the living room their main niche, again while some would give the master bedroom all their attention. Hence although I believe all rooms are equally important, and should be designed with care, comfort and a lot of taste, you will eventually give one more importance than the others.

Your favourite Decor magazines?
There are so many magazines now on the market. And each has its own individual style. But Interior Design magazine holds the most appeal to me. Its various subjects and projects would probably make it my favorite. 
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