Glamouria - Lily Aldridge: “The World Is Your Oyster" By Hayat Ammouri

Lily Aldridge: “The World Is Your Oyster"
September 13, 2023
Lily Aldridge- The World Is Your Oyster

Lily Aldridge is a fashion supermodel, philanthropist and Founder and CEO of her very own fragrance label, Lily Aldridge Parfums. She started modeling at age 16 and made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut in 2009, quickly becoming one of fashion’s most beloved faces. Off duty, Aldridge is devoted to family, philanthropy and adventure. How does she take care of herself and what's her advice for young girls and women out there? 


How do you spend your free time away from fashion?

With my family. We always have a good time.

Do you still find time for yourself?

Of course! It’s all about balance.

How do you take care of yourself?

Just find those moments for yourself. I journal every morning; I wake up early and journal and have my cup of tea. It’s my time to reflect.. Little moments throughout the day. 

You have always maintained a natural beauty look… Do you have any advice for us?

I love to try to take care of my skin and use good quality products that make my skin shiny and glossy and pretty. That’s usually what I like to go for. 

A message for young girls out there?

Reach for the stars, have fun.. Enjoy every moment! The world is your oyster.


More on Lily Aldridge

A cultural omnivore, Lily divides her time between New York City and Nashville, Tennessee. Aldridge enjoys traveling internationally to attend museum and gallery openings, food festivals and rock concerts with her husband, Kings of Leon lead vocalist, Caleb Followill. 

A native of Los Angeles, California, Aldridge hails from a large family of celebrated creative professionals. Her father is the noted English illustrator, Alan Aldridge, her siblings include Miles Aldridge, the fashion photographer, and Saffron and Ruby Aldridge, also models. Aldridge credits her talented and supportive family for grounding her in the values of creativity, hard work, giving back and putting family first. 

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