Glamouria - 9 New Habits to Start Immediately. By Hayat Ammouri

9 New Habits to Start Immediately.
March 13, 2021
Take Action Now. Start New Habits. Change Your Life.

New Healthy Habits to Start Immediately.

It’s never too late to START NEW HEALTHY HABITS, no matter how small they are. Habits that make our lives better daily. Once we feel better, everyone around us will too. Make a promise to yourself NOW. These are healthy habits that can transform your life on all levels. So what are you waiting for?

  1. Breathe: Yes, breathe, mindfully! Most of us don’t know how to breathe. A very primitive thing we do, but yet we do it wrong. You should take a few breaks during the day to just practice breathing. Breathing exercises are good for your body, your mind, your diet, and your health.  
  2. Journal: Start journaling, empty the clutter in your brain.. You can write, draw, bullet journal… Choose what works best for you at a time of the day that you prefer.
  3. Move Your Body: Exercising is vital in your life. If you have not taken exercise seriously yet, at least move your body every day, a few times a day.
  4. Hydrate: Our body is made mostly of water. Drinking water is healthy for your body and your brain.
  5. Practice Gratefulness: Practice being grateful every day. When you wake up, or before you go to bed, or both,  think about what you are grateful for and write it down; let the feeling of gratefulness invade your body and your emotions. It’s even good for your immune system.
  6. Go to Bed Early: We underestimate the power of sleep. Sleeping regenerates your whole system. It affects your mood, your brain, and, most importantly, growth in children. Sleeping also is essential to maintain or lose weight.
  7. Give More Time to taking care of YOU: We usually run around taking care of everyone around us: our partners, our coworkers, members of our family, but we forget to take care of ourselves. Take time to maximize your beauty routine, wear sunscreen, meditate, have your cup of coffee, or anything you enjoy doing. Do what makes you happy.
  8. Read More Books: What are you putting in your brain? The books you read, the podcasts you listen to, the movies you watch, the music you listen to… Pay attention to what you are feeding your soul. Reading improves brain connectivity and prevents cognitive decline as you age. 
  9. Learn Something New: There is nothing smarter than the eternal learner in you. The subject does not really matter. Anything.You.Love and you’re interested in. You might love arts, flower arrangements, history, jewelry making… A lot of information and courses  are now available online, and many of them are for free.
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