Glamouria - With Romero Jennings: 3 Easy Steps For Teens’ Skin Care and Beauty By Hayat Ammouri

With Romero Jennings: 3 Easy Steps For Teens’ Skin Care and Beauty
May 25, 2016
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Follow Romero on instagram @romerojennings
Teenagers and makeup, a Do or a Don’t? We asked make up artist Romero Jennings for advice. It turned out that a good skin care is a must, before thinking of applying any makeup.
Jennings says: “As a teenager, you have to learn the good practices. So you could wear make up, but you have to learn how to take it off too. Cleansing and removing make up gently with soft cotton or make up wipes is very important if you want to start using makeup.
How should teenagers take care of their skin?
Teenagers should have a good base of products and follow 3 easy steps: Clean, exfoliate and moisturize. A good face wash with some kind of toner is important, even at their age. Toners now are not like how they used to be long time ago, with alcohol. They are softer, so they just take off the top of the skin so the skin underneath looks bright.

Also, teenagares have more problems with their skin, so it’s necessary for them to exfoliate. When you exfoliate your skin, it doesn’t get clogged as fast. It’s good to do it once a week, or daily with a light emulsion that Mac Cosmetics has. Wipe it lightly with a cotton pad so the skin underneath is fresh.

Romero Jennings: 

“Teenagers’ make up makes their skin


Finally, it’s very important to use moisturizer, even if they have oily skin. They have to keep it clean, and to not touch their face during the day. Many times they break out from bacteria from not washing their hands through the day. They must wash their hands before they touch their face. The cell phone against their face might also be making them breaking out, and they think it’s foundation.


What’s the best way to moisturize their skin?

Girls should moisturize lightly. If they are super oily, then it’s better to moisturize at night. Mac also has mattifiers Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone; it’s like liquid powder, and it’s transparent. They can use it and they won’t need matifying wipes or powder during the day.

Most teenagers suffer from shine, so they use a lot of powder. This mattifier will help them.

Is it ok for teenagers to use foundation at their age? It won’t ruin their skin?
Foundation does not ruin their skin. It will protect it from the sun and from pollution; there are many types of foundations. If they are super oily, they can use a powder foundation. There are some foundations that are good for oily skin that are liquid too. Just use the right formula.

What’s a good starter kit for teens?
They need a good set of basic clean brushes that they should wash once a month, gloss, foundation, moisturizer, and make up remover.
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