Glamouria - Serene Assaad: Fashion Is A Mood, An Art By Hayat Ammouri

Serene Assaad: Fashion Is A Mood, An Art
June 17, 2016

Meet Lebanese Born Thai Fashionista Serene Assaad

Serene Assaad Wearing Abboud Jammal
Serene Assaad Wearing Abboud Jammal

Image Consultant and Accessories Designer, Founder of Seera’s Clozet Serene Assaad talks to Glamouria about her job, her story with Dolce & Gabbana, and her style. The Lebanese born Thai usually spends most of her time in Bangkok, but visits Beirut often, and is happy that Beirut finally has its own Fashion Week: “I want all Lebanese designers to show their collections in Beirut, and not only Paris and Milan.” Her favourite during BFW was Chadi Zeineddine, and as a young designer Abboud Jammal.

What does fashion represent to you?

I’ve been living in Thailand for 8 years. Asia is a school of fashion. I think fashion starts in Korea and Hong Kong where people are so daring and creative. I am the same too. I would wear something bold and different before anyone else does. Fashion for me is a mood, an art.

How do you follow it?

I live in fashion. It surrounds me, on social media, on TV… When I was a child, I would read fashion magazines instead of books. I can tell you what are the next season’s trends and colours before they hit the runways.

Serene Assaad
Serene Assaad Wearing Dany Atrache

How do you describe your personality?

Daring, moody, and different. I like to be different. I like for my clients to be different too. I feel I have to live in a vintage era.

What is exactly your job, what do you do?

I am an Image Consultant and Accessories Designer. I design hats, all handmade with my own touch. The hats carry my personality. I also design headpieces.

Then as an image consultant, I help my clients find their own style, we shop together or I shop for them, I select limited items and organize their outfits and their closet. Some people like to have their full outfit selected, including accessories.

We start by raiding the closet, then we shop and style many looks for different occasions.

Do you also tell your friends what to wear?

Yes, all the time and they like it.

Does it bother you if someone criticizes your style?

No, not at all.

How did social media affect your work?

I started getting clients from all over the world, but I didn’t change.

Do you interact with your followers?

I used to, but then I was not able to follow up. Sometimes I answer some messages with emojis. I try my best to read all comments.

Do you have any tips for Instagram?

You can’t just throw pictures on instagram; there must be a concept. If you have a fashion account, focus on your outfit, not only on yourself.

Serene Al Assaad
Serene Assaad, Part of #DGFamily

How did you catch the attention of Dolce & Gabbana?

It started 3 years ago, when Stefano Gabbana followed my account on instagram, sometimes even  posting comments. Then about a year ago, Stefano Gabbana reposted my image on his account. It was the first time he reposts an image from the Middle East. Later, about 7 months ago, I was selected amongst a few others to be part of the Dolce & Gabbana Family. There is also another project with them but I think it’s too soon to talk about it.

Who are your favourite designers?

I like Dolce & Gabbana. I also like Versace, Alexander Wang, who I think has a daring style, & Balmain… But once a designer is overused, I try to stay away.

What is your favourite trend for summer?

I love the bohemian trend a lot. People are still scared to wear it.

Whose style do you like the most?

I like Gigi Hadid and Kendall. Their style is easy and simple, up to date, and people could wear it easily.

Serene’s  Shopping Tips:

  • Be in a good mood for shopping.
  • Don’t try many things.
  • Know what you want

What are the things you can’t live without?

High heels. No matter what the outfit is, even with sweatpants.

Who is your favourite shoe designer?

Charlotte Olympia. She’s different.

What’s on your list to buy this summer?

I don’t usually make lists. It depends on my mood. I might buy something and not wear it for a long time.

Favourite place for shopping: Siam in Bangkok.

Do you shop online?

I do, but not on websites. I shop through Facebook and Instagram pages.

Beauty Secrets: Facial masks and vitamins are essential.

Tell us about the hot beauty trends in Korea?

Collagen for sure; Korea is number 1 for skincare creams. They like their skin light and glowing. Drinking collagen is one of the beauty trends there.

What are you working on now?

I would like to expand my brand Seera’s Clozet, and I hope people will like my designs.

Any TV plans?

Not really. I don’t like TV, but I see myself doing Fashion Police, in a polite way though. I don’t like when the comments are too offensive.

Serene Assaad
Lebanese Fashionista Serene Assaad

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