Glamouria - 7 Styling Tips To Update Your Style Instantly By Hayat Ammouri

7 Styling Tips To Update Your Style Instantly
December 22, 2023
The Brooch- Gucci

Easy Tips To Update Your Style Instantly

There is no need to go shopping for trends every single season. Sometimes the way you style your clothes and some little accessories here and there could be enough to update your closet. Here are 7 ideas inspired by runways to update your looks.

The Brooch: Look at that Gucci sweater! A brooch will give a new life to an old sweater you have and will make your most boring sweater a little fancier. You can also add it to a blazer, or even a skirt.

The Large Shawl: Throw it or wrap it around your shoulders, over your dresses. If big enough, it could also replace your coat. Choose a colourful one with bold prints similar to the ones we saw at Etro. And if you got the brooch, add it to it too.

The Black Tie: A whole Valentino show was dedicated to the black tie, but we saw it all over the runways. Add it over a shirt even with your jeans or under a vest. Does it have to be black? Certainly not. Be playful and have fun!

The Flower Pins: You have certainly seen a lot of flowers. Big chunky flowers. Get a flower pin or make your own to update your wardrobe. Choose a flattering colour and pin it not too far from your face. Splurge on good quality fabric as you will have it for a long time, and use it all seasons and in different ways.

Big Chunky Choker Necklaces: Seen at Versace and Carolina Herrera. Choose pearls that will always be in style, or sparkly chokers and wear them with everything!

The Wide Wide Belt: If you need to buy one accessory this year, try to experiment with wide belts, similar to a corset. Try metallics like the one in Dolce &  Gabbana or classic leather similar to the ones we saw at Max Mara. Add them to your suits, blazers or even night gowns. 

The Knit Cardigan: What we love about a classic cardigan is that it lets you wear your most beautiful dresses anywhere. Think of a dress you love that hangs in your closet because you need an occasion. Pair it with a classic knit cardigan and wear it any day, anywhere.

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