Glamouria - The One Trend You Need to Adpot Right Now By Hayat Ammouri

The One Trend You Need to Adpot Right Now
December 14, 2021
Choose Quality over Quantity


Trends come and go, but the one we will talk about now is here to stay, and I urge every single one of you to adopt it. We must all stop buying mindlessly: Buying items for a single occasion or a photo-op to then discard it is not cool anymore. If we learnt something during the past couple of years, it’s our obligation to make a shift and start taking responsibility to protect our earth. Ignorance is not allowed anymore. It’s essential that each one of us does their part of the job.

Designers are launching a variety of initiatives and research to find sustainable fabrics and adopt new technologies to make their business more efficient and less harmful. We have obligations too. When we shop, we should focus on quality: clothes that lasts for seasons. I am not asking you to stop shopping, but to shop for items you need and you think you will keep for a while.

Also, when you discard clothes you don’t want, make sure you give them to the right person or else it will end up in another person’s bin of unwanted clothes.

Remember, quality over quantity- Always.

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