Glamouria - When Oscar De La Renta’s Laura & Fernando Fight, Laura Usually wins! By Hayat Ammouri

When Oscar De La Renta’s Laura & Fernando Fight, Laura Usually wins!
June 07, 2020

Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, the energetic duo behind Oscar De La Renta, talk to Glamouria backstage about their journey with the brand and what each one of them brings to it.

When I asked Fernando Garcia, who is the woman of Oscar De la Renta, he pointed at Laura, saying, “you’re looking at her!”…Laura Kim then answers me, “feminine, busy, elegant, smart, and she’s working really hard to get what she wants.” Shortly after, Fernando adds: “There has to be versatility in the clothes, which is something we emphasize on. We like to inject a sense of ease.” 

What do you each bring to the collections?

Fernando: I am a big fan of femininity. I think it’s about making it a little sexier. 

Laura: Ease and comfort, really thinking about her day, to make it easier for her.

Do you ever fight? 

Fernando: Every day. 

Who wins?

Laura: I win usually 

How does the Oscar de La Renta woman get ready before an event?

Laura: Usually I am running out of the office, sometimes I don’t even change, I just put on earrings and change my make up. The collection has pieces that you can wear to the office then go out immediately. 

What is sexy for you?

Fernando: Someone who is covered, but not showing too much. A confident woman who can wear a dress from day to night. 

What is femininity for you?

Laura: I find it has more to do with their lifestyles than with the wardrobe. Being a mom, a daughter, having a relationship, that’s all feminine. 


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