Glamouria - When You Have 24 Hours in Venice By Hayat Ammouri

When You Have 24 Hours in Venice
April 28, 2018

24 Hours in Venice

What to do when you have one extra day in Milano? The choices were a one day visit to  Verona, Genoa or Venezia, but Venezia won for sure!

Getting out of the station is just marvelous! The view, the scenery, the surprise… It will never fail to amaze you. 

We walked to our hotel through the tiniest streets of Venice. Prepare to be lost even with a map. Our hotel was a small old castle with only few rooms, straight on the canale, with the most beautiful view of Ponte di Rialto. The owner tried to keep the same feel of the rooms with tapestry, décor, and beddings.

After check in, we went out for dinner. When we asked, we were directed to Trattoria Al Gazzettino, and were told that it’s one of the best, which really was. The dishes are authentic Italian dishes, with a lot polenta. We ordered mainly fish and seafood. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and you should definitely be ready for it to get loud! Don’t forget to sign the guestbook and leave a little souvenir!

We walked back to our hotel, the weather was a little cold but very beautiful… There is nothing better than walking in Venice!

The morning after, we had morning coffee on the terrace. The view is breathtaking but I would recommend you have your breakfast at a coffee shop at Piazza San Marco. After a short walk at the Piazza,  including going into Hotel Danieli and taking some pictures at the Ponte Dei Sospiri- Bridge of Sighs, we took the boat to Murano, a little island famous for all the glass artwork and jewelry. 

By then the weather got very windy and gloomy. We met very interesting vendors, especially one who owned a shop and worked there with his daughter. We could not resist the wax seal stamps with hints of gold or silver. We had one of the most beautiful conversations, and I still keep the little glass heart he gave us as a souvenir in my wallet. 

How to Get There: From Station Centrale in Milano, take the train, Better to choose the fast one. You can book it online at if you know exactly what time you’re leaving, or take it at the stazione on the spot.

What to buy in Venice? You have to buy a mask, famous for Carnevale. Try to find an authentic one, not the one for tourists. Also, you must buy items in lace, such as beddings, napkins, table cloth, table runners, or even a lace bookmark. The lace is handmade, sometimes expensive but worth it. 

What you should know: In Venice, you will see lions everywhere. The winged lion is the symbol of the city and San Marco, Venice’s patron saint.

If you have more time: You have to visit San Marco’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

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