Glamouria - The One App You Need At the Grocery Store! By Hayat Ammouri

The One App You Need At the Grocery Store!
November 04, 2022
Yuka- Make Healthier Choices

The One App You Need At the Grocery Store!

If you have ever seen me in a supermarket, you have probably wondered why I have my phone in my hands while shopping, taking pictures and scanning… It’s the Yuka…  I will not say that I don’t buy junk (rarely….), but honestly most of the times our groceries are 95% healthy and clean. 

Yuka is a free app that allows you to check most of the products you buy at grocery stores (and your beauty products). You scan the barcode, et voilà! It rates how healthy the item is based on its ingredients and how much sugar/salt/fat/calories it has, etc… You know when you’re looking for healthy snacks, reading slogans on the packages… lies, lies and more lies! You will find how most of the brands carry misleading marketing messages! You are going to be shocked! While the rule of thumb is don’t buy what comes in a package, we all have things that we like, some guilty pleasures… The Yuka app helped me and my children make healthier choices. If the result is green, we buy it. If the score is low, it’s not getting in our shopping cart! The app also tells you what kind of additives are in the product if any, and gives you healthier alternatives.

Tip: The same item in a different flavour might have a different score. 

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