Glamouria - Let Me Show You How To Wear Polka Dots By Hayat Ammouri

Let Me Show You How To Wear Polka Dots
December 16, 2023
Pola Dots- Saint Laurent

LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO WEAR POLKA DOTS… and maybe even convince you to try them.

We see stripes and flowers all the time, but polka dots? Not so often. I am not sure why girls don’t like them so I asked my daughters. The first one’s answer was firm: “I hate polka dots. It reminds me of the fifties, when women had no rights!” I could not stop laughing.. The second one’s response was even harsher “no, I hate them and I hope they are never in style. They are tacky and out of style”… Have they seen the miu miu runway?

Polka dots have always been present in my closet, and although I don’t like black and white together, I love a white and black polka dot combo, or red and white, or brown and white- Pretty Woman vibes.

Polka dots are feminine and lady-like, and could be worn for any occasion, even on dates and nights-out! (to the office, meet the parents, or even to court!)

You can start wearing them by choosing a cute top with denim and heels, or your shortest shorts and add maybe a little ribbon, or a bodysuit under a blazer… Also a polka dot dress will always look classy and will never go out of style. You want to make it a little playful? Pick a design with sheer fabric, or mix it with a different pattern such as flowers and stripes.

Editor’s Note: Polka dots might make you look fuller: the bigger the dots, the fuller you will look, so choose their size strategically and according to your body shape. 

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