Glamouria - The Only 5 Beauty Trends You Need to Know This Summer... By Hayat Ammouri

The Only 5 Beauty Trends You Need to Know This Summer...
June 13, 2023

Summer is here… It’s time to take it easy with your make up, or take it to the next level. Celebrity make-up artist Gato Ruben Zamora shows us 5 beauty trends that will mark your summer. 

1. Invisible Contouring: Summer calls for a fresh face make-up, so avoid using a thick foundation and replace it with a lightweight dark foundation or a darker shade highlighter like YSl Touche Eclat to contour the face... The result is super transparent because there is no trace of powders or thick creamy products.

2. Lolitas Look... The idea is to create a super bold Lolita effect by using lots of mascara on both top and lower lashes, fake freckles, over-blushed effect in realistic tones like pink or cherry, and over- lined lips to achieve a very rounded and full baby lips effect. The result is a very teen effect, in between Clueless and Euphoria.

3. Blush... Whether you’re on the beach or want a bare make up, the blush is a must! My favourite one is a sun-kissed effect, which you could easily achieve by applying a liquid blush in the middle side of the face, the bridge of the nose, and on the hairline.

4. Thin Eyebrows... Or at least, do not to overpaint them.. Leave your brows naturals and soft. It's part of the 90s trend. 

5. The Sixties… It's the come back of the bold liner (even with a white line on the waterline); soft pastel pink tones on the eyes, cheek and lips. The night version of the Lolita's daylight trend.

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