Glamouria - Want Power? Try Dark Lips! By Hayat Ammouri

Want Power? Try Dark Lips!
April 09, 2020
Max Mara SS2020 Make Up by Tom Pecheux

Let’s be honest, dark lips do not look flattering on everyone. How can you try it and make it work if you’re not Kaia, Bella or Gigi Hadid?

Celebrity make up artist Tom Pecheux gives this amazing tip! Keep the skin very natural, add mascara and a little bit of eyeliner only at the corner of the eyes. You can try this baby blue creamy eye shadow used at Max Mara and inspired by the policemen uniform. 

At the show, dark  was a symbol of power, femininity, and sophistication. A woman who is proud to be extremely feminine.

To make it work, Tom says make the lips slightly bigger than what they are. Remember, dark makes you look thinner, and so it goes for dark lipstick. It makes your lips look thinner. Line your lips over your natural line, if not it will remind you of your nasty teacher in high school.

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