Glamouria - Couture Sneakers Are What You Need By Hayat Ammouri

Couture Sneakers Are What You Need
April 30, 2020
Sneakers:Brunello Cucinelli SS2020

A trend that keeps on coming for the last few seasons, sneakers for days and nights. Did it start during Fashion Week? Maybe, but regardless, sneakers are the only pair of shoes I am willing to wear during that time.

What’s new? Sneakers are not basic anymore; these timeless nongender shoes are getting as fancy and elegant as it could be, couture-like. Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti showed us how he starts designing his, always with the sole, unlike beginning with the heel for his elegant shoes. Zanotti, the first designer who launched the wedge sneakers worn by Jlo, says sneakers transitioned from active to top fashion. His sneakers are inspired by anything around him. It could be a stadium in Singapore that looked like a mix of exotic fruit and an animal, or a dark velvet car. Zanotti invites us to be curious and watch everything around us, whether it’s arts, movies, exhibitions, or even the past.

How To Wear Sneakers?
Wear them with short skirts, long dresses, leather pants, anything you want. Choose wedges for a few added inches. You can also update your everyday white sneakers with a glitzy accent by adding shoe accessories with pearls or chunky crystals.

For summer 2020, we like glamorous bejeweled sneakers, with crystals, glitter, feathers, and exotic leather (not from actual animal skins but created with advanced 3D printing technology that makes it look and feel like real snake leather for example).

We also recommend denim sneakers, iridescent metallic sneakers, or neon-bright ones.

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