Glamouria - Time To Embrace Change By Hayat Ammouri

Time To Embrace Change
September 01, 2020
Sunrise: The Gift Of New Beginnings

We have been living in a pause mode for a while now… Our lives have been suspended for quite some time, but enough. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and push yourself, regardless of all circumstances, to do what you have always been wanting and waiting to do. 

Whether you’re fighting injustice somewhere in the world or a virus, or you just survived a natural disaster or one of the world’s most giant explosions (Beirut), now is the time for a new start, no matter how old you are.

Starting a new job in this economy, starting in a new home after being forced to leave, or a new country even. Maybe you’re just a student, you too, it’s time to start over. New friends, new teachers, new conditions, new routines… Embrace it. 

Have the courage and trust yourself. Don’t think it too much. As the saying goes, just do it! We are always scared of change, even when we know, it will change our life for the better. Take the risk; you are capable of much more than what you think. Don’t waste a lot of time in the planning process. It’s only time wasted. Jump!

September is the perfect time to start fresh!… (anytime is honestly)

Redefine your priorities, find your happy, celebrate yourself, get in touch with your inner soul, take time to breathe, show more love and gratitude to everyone and everything you appreciate in your life. Be kind.

Live A Full Life!

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