Glamouria - Start Organizing Yourself By Hayat Ammouri

Start Organizing Yourself
October 06, 2020
Starting Over: Start Organizing Yourself

Time To Get Organized

When it comes to being organized, our first advice is to get rid of the clutter around you. Clear your surroundings. Clear your working space. Clear your closets. Get rid of everything that you don’t need, including unnecessary storage on your electronic devices (and your brain, if you can... lol)

Toss, store, donate. You will feel much lighter. 

Now that you’re ready for the next step, get a journal and keep it within your reach.

Start by dividing your life into aspects you usually have to take care of or things that are important to you. This could be family, health, career, money, personal, dreams, etc.. Don’t forget what I call “life pendings!” These are matters out of your control that you would like to get done with.

Once you state the elements you need to take care of, elaborate under each one of them. Set up short term and long term goals under each section. What do you want to achieve under each category? What do you want to change? Most importantly, what is your action plan? What do you need to get there? What is it that you could do every day to get you a step closer to where you want to be?

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