Glamouria - 9 Ideas to Update Your Style Instantly By Hayat Ammouri

9 Ideas to Update Your Style Instantly
December 19, 2021
Alberta Ferretti


This fall, designers were looking to add some fun to our closets and the runways. There was a desire to party, to sprinkle joy here and there, and a longing for music and dancing. While we all agree that following a trend is not necessarily a thing, it’s always a good idea to check on the latest designs and take what you like from it to update your style.  You can even enhance or change it; why not? After all, our style has to evolve with us, with our personality and our lifestyle.

Here are a few trends we spotted that are very easy to implement in your closet.

Metallics: Gold or silver, choose what complements your skin tone or the metal you prefer. You can go loud with a full-on sparkle look, mix it up, or add it in small doses as accessories. This trend dominated the Dolce & Gabbana runway.

Victorian: How about adding a Victorian style shirt to your wardrobe? I would say invest in one that you really love, as it could be a staple item in your closet that elevates your look instantly. A Victorian shirt is not only elegant but also versatile. You can wear it with jeans, shorts or suits. 

The Mini-Dress: If you love your legs and you feel comfortable showing them off, a mini-dress is a very easy update. Accessorize with knee high boots, flats, or heels, depending on the occasion, your comfort level, and the look and mood you’re going for.

The New Updated Suit: I feel sad that we missed the 3 piece-suits that were all over the runway just before our first lockdown; this was my favorite look! You can still add a waistcoat piece and it will always look good, but it seems that suits with long jackets are what is trending now. If you are a suit lover, I would also recommend you take a look at Moschino. I love the playfulness in the jackets’ design. In their Fall 2021 collection, Moschino featured skirt-suits with peplum jackets or exaggerated shoulders in bright bold colors, definitely worth the try!

Jumpsuits: This piece remains one of the easiest item to dress up or down. I find it necessary to have in my closet and advise you to do the same. Whether it’s a tight printed catsuit or the classic cut jumpsuit, you will be happy to have it on the days you don’t know what to wear! For a relaxed style, try a denim jumpsuit. 

Crop Everything: Crop tops, crop sweaters, crop blazers, and crop button-down shirts are here to stay for at least another season (yes, this summer too, so you still have time to work on those abs if you want to give it a try!) Try the crop top with high-waisted pants or a pencil skirt and add a jacket to make it more modest and functional.

All Shades of Brown: Brown is back in all different shades. Yes, some designers mixed it with black, but I urge you to trust me on this one: don’t. If you love it, go for it of course, my point is that brown + black is a little harsh, not to say sometimes even vulgar (in my modest opinion.)

Black Luxe: “Black is not a trend” you will say and you’re right. What’s trending this season is elegant polished black: I like to call it “Black Luxe”. Choose velvet, tulle, leather, fishnet (in moderation), and/or lace and play with it; you want keep it chic and classy. 

Cozy Knits: Remember the Dolce & Gabbana show February 2020? There was a whole range of knits, from clothes to long socks and bags. This winter we found knitwear all over the runways. Our favorite are the soft ones in pastel hues at Brunello Cucinelli and the cutout  sets at Fendi. You can also choose chunky knits for a more casual look (as seen in Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini).

Snow White: White has always been a favourite to many, especially when you live in a warm country. Wear it this winter from head to toe. What you should focus on when dressing in white is texture. Don’t worry much about the difference in shades. Sportmax designs caught my eyes, and so did the ones in Michael Kors: elegant, comfortable and chic.

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