Glamouria - Glamourous Crystal Showers By Hayat Ammouri

Glamourous Crystal Showers
December 06, 2023
Johanna Ortiz- Fall2023,Johanna Ortiz- Fall2023

Fall Trend Alert: Crystal Showers! Embellished fabrics are still dominating the runways and nothing is going to change in the next season. Why it’s worth it? Because  it’s fun, it makes any outfit stand out and you can wear and style your piece in many different ways, including daytime outfits. 

A pencil embellished skirt: The easiest way to try the trend. You can pair it with a classical sweater or a lace shirt, depending on your mood and the occasion.

Embellished see-through dresses and catsuits: I m not sure how many of us are going to wear it as seen at the shows, but what’s nice about it is that you can layer it to show as mush (or as little) as you are comfortable with. 

Crystal- Embellished Dresses: Perfect for the evening, as they are already accessorised. Pick a color that suits your skin tone and adjust your makeup accordingly.

If you want to try the trend but not as previously noted, how about embellished gloves or tights?

Editor’s Note: You will see a lot of crystals on mesh and see-through fabrics, but it’s very easy to try it in real life. The key is to layer or line the piece of clothing.

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