Glamouria - 10 Fashion Resolutions You Should Make Now By Hayat Ammouri

10 Fashion Resolutions You Should Make Now
October 06, 2020

10 Fashion Resolutions to Consider 

It’s always a good time to make new resolutions, in all parts of our life. This is how you grow and become a better person. When it comes to fashion, first consider sustainability: Choose eco-friendly fabrics, recycle your wardrobe, and make sure the brands you buy from have the same values as you (I learnt this mostly from my daughter.) This nowadays is more an obligation than a resolution…

As for resolutions, consider the 10 following ideas:

1. Get rid of all the clutter in your closet. Haven’t worn it in a year? Give it away or store it if it bears any emotional value.

2. Don’t buy what you think will look perfect on you when you loose or put on weight. Choose what you look gorgeous in now. Only. 

3. Comfortable shoes. High heels or flats, it doesn’t matter. Comfort is key.

4. Focus on quality, not quantity. Buy one item that is of great quality instead of buying many cheap ones that will only last in your closet for a short time. This applies especially for shoes, bags, coats and blazers.

5. Try new shapes and new cuts. You would be surprised on what might look good on you. Just give it a try.

6. Try new colours…. Red, pink, yellow, green… Colours that you have never worn before… When you find the colors that look best on you, wear them often.

7. …. and don’t stop here. Mix your colours in unexpected ways. Blue with bronze, purple with beige, orange with turquoise…. 

8. Accessorize. Wear big accessories, huge. Rings all over your fingers, large cuffs around your wrists, long earrings… or even a scarf or a hat. 

9. Forget the Rules! Rules are boring. Follow your instincts and have fun. Put your own rules and let others follow.

10. Don’t settle for ok. Look your greatest! Give yourself sufficient time to get ready, and check yourself in the mirror before you leave.

Remember. All these resolutions make no sense if you’re not feeling comfortable with yourself.  Your beauty and poise always come from the inside. So take care of yourself first. Exercise, be healthy, and relax. Take time to take care of yourself and sleep well. It’s all one cycle.

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