Glamouria - Pencil Skirts, But Make Them Maxi By Hayat Ammouri

Pencil Skirts, But Make Them Maxi
December 29, 2023
Maxi Pencil Skirts- Jacquemus


Pencil skirts are best known as a classic staple in your closet for the office. Not anymore. You can wear pencil skirts to the beach, a night out, or even a special event. Just make them maxi. We saw them in Denim and sheer fabric at Diesel, laser-cut at Valentino, classic at Michael Kors and Gucci. 

How to Wear Maxi Pencil Skirts?

Personally, I love a pencil skirt with a tucked top or a simple sweater or t-shirt. The ideal choice would be a top that hits at the waist or a little under if your are more confident. Feel free to wear it with a fashion bra, as seen at Gucci and Diesel. 

Editor’s Note: A maxi pencil skirt will elongate your figure. If you’re not tall or a little on the heavy side, try one with a slit in the front or on the side, and wear a top with the same color and same fabric. If you are very tall, cut it out with a different colour or a cropped top.

As for shoes, don't go for bulky heels. Open sandals, stillets, and high-knee boots work best. You can go for flats for a casual day look.

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