Glamouria - What To Add To Your Closet This Fall By Hayat Ammouri

What To Add To Your Closet This Fall
November 03, 2022
Fall Fashion Trends - Dolce Gabbana Fall 2022

10 Fun Items To Update Your Wardrobe And Keep Forever!!

Fall is here. If you're in the mood to go shopping and you want to invest in fun items that you could still keep in your closet for more than one season, read this!

Corset: If you still didn’t get one during the summer, buy it now. It doesn’t have to look sexy at all. Focus on a cut that flatters your shape. And yes, you can wear corsets no matter what body type you have. Wear it also under a jacket.

Denim: If you missed on the denim jumpsuit trend, you can still be on top of it this season. Denim on denim is the trend. Look for denim dresses, denim coats or denim dusters. The most beautiful ones I saw were on the Diesel runway, embroidered with lace (but for these you have to wait till next summer).

Pencil Skirts: Make it a leather one! Complete the look with a cool pair of boots.

Bomber jackets: They make your outfit more casual and sporty. You can wear them at night too depending on the material you choose.

Latex: Jumpsuits, dresses with super bold shoulders (at Dolce & Gabbana)… You want to be careful when you wear anything latex. There is a fine line between sexy and trashy. While the safest choice is a pair of black tight pants, dare to try it in colours such as red or turquoise or fall colours.  

The Oversized Jacket: How to look elegant but still cool and edgy? It’s nice to wear it on the days you feel like wearing your tracksuit. 

Disco Pants: Glittery, embroidered with colourful sequins, or metallics, disco pants exude happiness. Wear them day and night, with a t-shirt, a denim jacket, a classic cashmere sweater, or with more glitter! You will also find them with fun metallic fringe.

Fishnets: Sexy and feminine. You can choose them in classical black for a Femme Fatale look, or find them in nude shades. Wear them playfully, and don’t get stuck in the idea that they are only for going out on a Saturday night!

Boots: If you were to buy one pair of shoes this season, make it the high-knee boots, in any colour you love!…. Wait, you also need some metallic glamorous sexy heels!

Finally….  A Fendi Baguette! Choose your favourite from the 25th Anniversary collection.

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