Glamouria - Guerlain Spa’s Abeille Royale at The Waldorf, The Ideal Way to Pamper Your Skin By Hayat Ammouri

Guerlain Spa’s Abeille Royale at The Waldorf, The Ideal Way to Pamper Your Skin
July 17, 2015

The Guerlain Spa New York provides an unrivaled luxurious and personalized spa experience within New York City’s most renowed hotel.
The Spa offers many services, from facial and body treatments to skin care enhancements
 and signature massages. 

New York! My favourite city… I am back! There is no better place to spend few days in the city, and this time, I am free and I am all yours! All I need is to enjoy myself and relax.  

The luxurious Guerlain SPA at The Waldorf Astoria was the perfect destination to unwind. Well first, let me explain… The Waldorf Astoria Towers has been for years my “home away from home”. There is no New York without the Waldorf, where I feel I am treated as a family member (Having my dressing room there for Fashion Week, try that). 
And although I have been staying at the Waldorf for years, my schedule was always very busy, and I never got to experience the SPA. But here I am, at its breathtaking lobby on the 19th floor. 

My first memories of Guerlain go back to when I was Eighteen
the first skincare products I had ever bought were from Guerlain… 

Today I am here to try their luxurious Abeille Royale Expert Treatment, which is a specific treatment concentrated in natural active principles to enhance radiance, lift and comfort. I wait in their spacious salon for my appointment, then I am welcomed to my individual private suite. Alina, my sweet expert technician, was beaming with her positive and calming energy. She greeted me and suggested I taste The Waldorf Honey before we start. It’s natural honey produced by the Waldorf, where six beehives reside on the 20th floor rooftop space next to the hotel’s rooftop garden. These hives are now home to approximately 360,000 European Honey bees producing “Top of the Waldorf” Rooftop Honey.

Alina explained to me that The Abeille Royale line is infused with raw, organic honey, and Guerlain’s Pure Royal Concentrate, an exclusive active ingredient and prized substance produced by worker Black Bees, intended as food for the Queen Bee.  

Guerlain has made it its mission to preserve the extremely rare Quessant Black Bee. Self- contained and shielded from pesticides and parasites, this bee generates pure honey and royal jelly that have both become the standard of absolute purity and the main ingredients in Guerlain’s Abeille Royale line.

Alina started my facial by first removing my eye and lip make up, then cleansing my face, neck and décolleté with the Cleansing Cream. The next step was to exfoliate my face, neck and décolleté with Exfoliator powder, which is done under the steam to stimulate the active ingredients. To be honest, the steam bothered me a little, So Alina moved it a little away from my face. So don’t hesitate to ask your technician to move it if it bothers you. It was a deep exfoliation using natural raw materials, like rice powder, to get immediate radiance.
A toner is then used, Abeille Royale Toner, followed by a healing massage with warm stamps under the steam, performed with 2 heated stamps filled with natural raw materials with purifying and healing benefits. With the heat, the raw materials deliver their essence and active elements and the skin is purified, healed and oxygenated, ready for the next step, which is the application of the Abeille Royale Serum for lift, firmness and wrinkle correction. This serum contains a Pure Abeille Royale concentrate that stimulates the key mechanisms in the skin’s healing process to repair wrinkles and  enhance tissue firmness.
Then I experienced the Guerlain traditional massage for 19 minutes with Abeille Royale Face Treatment oil, followed by a cold mask that was chosen for me after skin diagnostic (it could be cold or warm depending on your skin).
After removal of mask, Alina ended my facial applying the Abeille Royale youth serum, eye cream, and moisturizer for neck and decolleté. 

Time to myself that I rarely have… 80 minutes of pure bliss, and I think I even slept through it. But it doesn’t end here. After my facial, I was treated to a complimentary make up application with Guerlain’s make up artist Luigi Taglialegna, which I will tell you all about in my next post! 

I left the SPA feeling very peaceful, and I noticed the results on my skin a couple of days later. My skin really felt very smooth and firm,  and very relaxed, and it lasted for about 2 weeks!

Will I go back? You bet! Next time I visit, I am trying the Orchidée Royale Prestige Treatment. 

Visit The Guerlain Spa at The Waldorf Towers Here and book your appointment now… Whether you have an hour or a full day, you deserve it!

And for all men reading my blog, you could experience some special treatments dedicated for you, such as The Skin Saver Treatment (to strengthen and revive the skin, revealing youth and clarity by a unique eye treatment), and The Energizing Facial (it creates a smoother and more luminous skin through exfoliation, massage and a mask, combined with a complimentary eye treatment). 

Do you want to try honey at home? Click here to check these home made masks for a beautiful skin!

The 14,000 square-foot space features 14 treatment suites, nail salon, Fitness Center,
and Grand Salon relaxation venue. 

In addition to its wide spectrum of body therapies,
 Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria Towers utilizes the exclusive Guerlain Méthode
 comprised of traditional and advanced skincare technologies.
 With an emphasis on customization, Guerlain Spa treatments endeavor to enhance beauty,
 improve well-being, and address individual result expectations through a precise, personalized skin analysis. 

Each suite is fitted with a private bathing lounge, signature Guerlain amenities,
 and personalized music selections,
 guests of Guerlain leave each treatment refreshed and refined from the inside out. 

The rofftop ingredients and the honey also inspired 
new treatments in the Guerlain Spa
including a ‘Milk, Haute Honey and Rooftop Herbs’ nail treatment
 and “Urban Island Oasis” honey and coconut full body experience

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