Glamouria - 2 Easy Ways To Remove Metallic Nail Polish By Hayat Ammouri

2 Easy Ways To Remove Metallic Nail Polish
August 22, 2016
Metallic Nails Are In!Metallic Nails Are In!

Are you following the latest metallic trend on your nails and then struggling to remove it? We’ve got you covered. Mac specialist Done Keti explains that there are 2 ways to remove your metallic nail polish.

You can take a small cotton that is the shape of your nail, have acetone remover on, lay it on all your nails, let it sit for 3 or 4 minutes and then wipe it, or put cotton with acetone on your nail,  wrap it with foil, and let it sit … It will wipe off easily.

The second method is to use a child glue, like Elmer’s glue mixed with water. paint it on the nails first and let it dry, then I put the glitter. When you’re ready to remove it, you roll it off the nails, and the glue will roll off. If you’re doing glitter for the evening or for a couple of days, it lasts perfectly. It’s a great way to remove glitter without hurting the nail bed.

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