Glamouria - Your Knit Sweater: How to Make it Extra! By Hayat Ammouri

Your Knit Sweater: How to Make it Extra!
December 07, 2020
Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2020

This is Not your Old Boring Sweater...

We all have at least one KNIT SWEATER in our closet, and we're ready to add more! Choose off the shoulder, extra large, or with volume on the shoulders or the sleeves. We will show you 5 different ways to make it a little extra: Extra fun, extra playful. 

  1. Choose Bold Colours: Sweaters could be the color of the sunshine, the ocean, a wild fire, or sweet pastels. Go one step further and wear it boldly in your favourite colour from head to toe. 
  2. Play with Texture: Pair you sweater with a silk, metallic or leather skirt. We like close shades of the same colour.
  3. Leave it Alone: If your sweater is an XL and a little longer than usual, wear it alone. Style it with combat boots or high-knee boots.
  4. Make it Festive: You want to feel elegant but still very comfortable and cozy? Wear it with a beautiful embellished skirt.
  5. Have Fun: Want to go the extra mile? Wear it with the most outrageous gown-like skirt you can find.

Styling Tip: Add some glitz to your sweater with fancy brooches or statement colorful jewelry.

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