Glamouria - 7 Fall Trends That Can Make it into your Lifestyle By Hayat Ammouri

7 Fall Trends That Can Make it into your Lifestyle
December 10, 2020
Fall Trends 2020: Moschino

FALL TRENDS: How to Wear them in 2020

We’re still home hanging out with our comfortable clothes and not sure when we will get back to normal, but the fashion industry did not know that when they presented their shows for Fall in February. We’re all bored so let’s shake things up a little and try these trends but also make them fun and practical for this year’s lifestyle. Here are 7 trendy items to try.

Crop Tops: We saw them on the runway with elegant skirts and over evening gowns. Let’s try them with denim and jogger pants too. 

Volume: Not sure how we feel about this one, but it’s doable. Volume on the shoulders or the sleeves seem easy to try, keeping the rest of the outfit simple. We also saw major volume at the Moschino show in Milan, and who would not dream to be Marie Antoinette for a while, especially when it’s Jeremy Scott who designed the outfits?!

Knitwear: Remember the ones your mom would make for you when you were little? A lot of those! Cardigans, shorts, dresses, socks, everything knitwear. Dolce & Gabbana dedicated a large segment of its runway to showcase some cute and very cozy looks that you could dress up or down. Add some sparkle to make it more fun.

The Leather Dress: Leather is a winter wardrobe staple. You will see an abundance of leather clothing from coats to skirts, and mostly dresses. Choose a leather fabric that has a little stretch for comfort, and remember, it doesn’t have to be real; many brands offer faux-leather alternatives.

Metallics: Gold and silver are still around, lighter and brighter. From clothing to shoes to details, invest in them because they are not going anywhere. While Philipp Plein went for eye blinding head to toe gold, for both men and women, you could simply choose a pair of metallic shorts or pants, and dress them down with a sweater or a t-shirt.

Capes: Capes are always around; sometimes in a dramatic design, or simple and casual. The blazer cape is also in if you don’t want to venture fully in the trend. If you’re more into sporty capes, choose a short one, or go for a colorful maxi cape that will make your full outfit.

Fringe: One of my our favorite trends that keeps on coming back… Fringe on coats, blazers, skirts, and even bags (see Fendi’s.) What’s new in fringe? Metallic chains, gold to be more specific. Be ready to grab all the attention around you.

Belts: Thin leather belts and chain belts are still in: Embellished in Chanel, with pearls at Moschino… The trend in belts now is wide belts, kimono-like and corset style.

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