Glamouria - Ohhh Now That is Outrageously Short… By Hayat Ammouri

Ohhh Now That is Outrageously Short…
December 09, 2020
Fall 2020: Fendi

Love Everything Short, Even in the Coldest Winters!

We love going SHORTt: Short skirts, short shorts, short dresses, even bodysuits, and yes, we will wear them even on the coldest days of winter  (living in Florida does help!) Short clothes are also on the top list of Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

We saw this trend on the runway. Can we wear it in real life? Sure we can! Pick the piece that you feel most comfortable in whether it’s a pair of shorts, a long blazer, a mini dress, a long sweatshirt, or a mini skirt… 

Now how you style depends on your audacity level and your comfort zone… If you need to tone it down, add a knit cardigan or thick tights underneath. You can also wear it with high knee boots, long socks and combat boots… or just go with the flow… Want more? How about a bodysuit? Yes, we have a few of those on our wish list!

One last thing.... Please stop judging us when we go short!

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