Glamouria - It Doesn't Take Much To Feel Happy By Hayat Ammouri

It Doesn't Take Much To Feel Happy
July 15, 2020
A Perfect Beach Day

I woke up this morning to a Facebook memory of a trip to Italy 2 years ago, a live video at Il Pincio at Villa Borghese in Rome. I shared it again, and I wished I could feel genuinely happy again!

A couple of hours later, my eldest daughter Mimi asked me to go with her to the beach to shoot her launch campaign for her The Mad Love Club Shop. We all got ready at home before we even had breakfast. It was 12, and it was supposed to rain at 1:00 pm.

I had my coffee at the beach, watched her work, while my mom and my other daughter were swimming. The weather was beautiful; it was a wonderful day. The water was clear. It was past 1:00 pm but still no sign of rain. A little later, droplets started to fall. Some people decided to leave, but we thought we would wait and see if it will stop. Gigi and I ran and jumped into the ocean under the rain. It was so beautiful. We were taking pretend pictures and selfies and looking at the fish in the water. There were so many!

We went snorkeling, and as I was looking at Gigi’s feet, I noticed that the fishes were playing with her and following her wherever she went. We were literally swimming with the fish, so many of them and they were getting so close. They were very playful. Honestly, I felt like a mermaid in the water…. I even went Live on Facebook, trying to show the underwater and share our happy moments. We swam for hours, still with no breakfast (but we did get ice cream!)

We showered outside before getting in the car. The sunlight was beaming from within the trees. I felt happy, genuinely happy, which made me think of my morning wish!

Wishes do come true after all, even in the time of Corona! We just have to tell ourselves what we want. Manifest what you need, stay positive, and you will be surprised! 

While writing this at night, a question was still going through my mind... Why were the fish following us? Are they usually playful? Do they like to interact with humans? If you know, comment below...

Love. Always


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