Glamouria - Suits: 7 New Styles & How To Wear Them By Hayat Ammouri

Suits: 7 New Styles & How To Wear Them
June 17, 2020
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Suits have always been a fashion favorite. You can look all put together in 2 minutes without having to overthink it. Many options are available this summer, allowing you to wear your favorite suit to any occasion, or just on a casual day off. The suit is definitely a Must-Have item in your closet. When you pick one, think about how you can mix and match the blazer with other things you already have, even denim short. 

Your Suit: 7 Styles

There is that Armani suit that you will always count on for years and years, and no suit can top Armani. Ever. Suits are becoming fun. Here are the 7 top Suits Trends you need to know about: 

1. The 3 Layer Suit: I love adding a vest to my suit or under any blazer, but if you feel a vest is too much, try to layer with a silk chiffon printed chemise to wear under the jacket. 

2. The Skirt Suit: You can always pair a blazer with a skirt, but what we see now are the long skirts with a front slit, or some ruffles, which make the suit feminine and girly.

3. The Short Or Not Too Short Suit: Haven’t you all been dreaming about wearing shorts anywhere you want? Now you can, even to the office (when appropriate). Choose the appropriate length and see for yourself how comfortable it is.

4. The Belted Suit: Add a belt to any suit you have, and it will totally change the look. Choose the belt according to the occasion. A wide silk colorful one will transform your suit and make it more fun, while a leather belt will make it more formal, and a crystal-embellished one will make it suit suitable for a night out.

5. The Print Suit: Go bold and colorful. Choose your favorite prints: flowers, pinstripes, or animal print, it’s up to you! Mix it up to take it to the next level.

6. The Metallic Suit: The fabric is shiny; this is your best option for a modern, edgy suit.

7. The White Suit: A forever trend that you can not get tired of. Say yes to colors for sure, but the white one transmits elegant chic modern vibes.

How To Style Your Suit?

Do you want to wear it with a silk blouse, a t-shirt, or a bra? This all depends on where you’re going: You can choose your bag, shoes, and what you wear under it accordingly. Flat open toe shoes, sneakers or shoes with socks make the suit more casual, for a day in the city or a relaxed day at the office, while some classic pumps make it more formal, and an open toe bejeweled pair makes it glamorous and fun.

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